What You Can Achieve With White Papers

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If you’re planning to expand your content marketing program, then you should take note of the many B2B technology companies and service firms worldwide that attract and engage prospective buyers with white papers.

Here are some of the things you can do with high-quality white papers:

Offer buyers the right information product

The purpose of content marketing is to attract buyers by offering “products” that satisfy their demand for information. Since B2B buyers need a lot of detailed information to make sound purchasing decisions, they search online for white papers that clearly explain difficult concepts, describe technology in everyday language, and discuss business benefits without a lot of marketing jargon. Buyers that trust your company to produce relevant, high-quality white papers are more likely to put you on their shortlist later in the buying process.

Arm your sales force

Your salespeople need the right ammunition to respond to questions, knock down objections, and allay fears. A tightly-focused white paper is a great leave-behind after a sales meeting, an excellent follow up to a phone conversation, and an impressive handout at a presentation or conference. In other words, white papers are powerful tools that make it easier for salespeople to convert prospects into customers.

Produce more high-quality leads

Customers need to gather the right information before buying, which means your company should be one of their key resources. White papers targeted at specific market segments can fuel your online marketing activities and help to nurture leads through each stage of the sales cycle. By offering white paper downloads in exchange for contact information, you can generate more high-quality leads than ever before.

Build your company’s reputation

White papers are an excellent way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to its customers, to its industry, and to advancing the state of the art. Why not show off all that in-house expertise by offering educational white papers that customers and industry analysts can really dig into?

Also, be aware that reporters often read white papers when they’re researching stories about a specific company or an entire industry. Are they reading your white papers and calling your office with questions, or are they getting their information from your competitors?

(Re)Define your market

Working harder and harder to get a win? If so, try changing the rules of the game. White papers can help you define a disruptive market perspective and connect with decision makers who will be receptive to your new ideas. If you don’t define the market, then your competitors will do it for you—on their terms, not yours.

Generate buzz

One way to get everyone talking about your company is to distribute thought-provoking white papers that feature your innovative technology (or service) and the positive impact it can have on a customer’s business. Sales prospects and industry watchers who read the white papers will be wowed by what your company can do and they’ll spread the word.

Written by Tedd Campbell, B2B Copywriter.

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